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4 Apr 2022

Steel CRM on Fiverr

Supported installation packages are now available on FIVERR (the 'gig' job site). See our gigs here.

Steel CRM

31 Mar 2022

Steel CRM Enhancements

Steel CRM website generation can now implement an operational online shop. We have added a range of customisation options including menu buttons and wide and colourful product panels. We now offer domain registration as part of the Standard pricing plan.
Go to for more details.

Generic Tavern

1 Dec 2021

New car artwork

Now we have SteelCRM promoted on the Corolla and also on the back of the RAV4.

Generic Tavern

20 Nov 2021

Generic Tavern fully operational

Generic Tavern is an online campaign manager for the HERO System tabletop roleplaying system. It is mostly a "passion project" of mine that just had to be done now that I have the capability and infrastructure to build and host online systems.
Go to for more details.