"First Strike Solutions builds robust software applications
for businesses with specialised requirements."


We have been developing software professionally for over 30 years.

We listen to you, find out what's special about your business, and find ways to optimise your competitive advantages and solve your unique business problems.


We are an independent business, so we have full control over our resources.

We do much of our work remotely using online meeting software. We can visit your workplace to discuss your project, install software and demonstrate prototypes.


With low overheads and a regional home-based location, we charge only for the work done and the services delivered.

We offer fixed-price quotes to deliver clearly defined functionality.


Martyn Webster

Martyn Webster

Martyn started programming in 1981 when personal computers were rare and most people had never heard of the internet. After completing his BSc (Comp) at University of New South Wales and 11 years in corporate IT (Qantas and Fosters), he struck out on his own in 1999, forming First Strike Solutions.

Our guiding principle was to make robust and customised IT systems available to specialised small to medium businesses using Microsoft Access. Many businesses have limited options for affordable packaged systems to manage their core business operations. Over those years, we have developed systems for many such businesses. We are still finding niche market segments which are not well served by packaged software.

In 2005, he developed Enquiry Mate for Trainers which is an AVETMISS compliant student management system for vocational training colleges. In 2016, Enquiry Mate became part of the jwgecko suite of products, supported by Martyn under the jwgecko banner.

In 2017, he started developing expertise in online application development and in 2020 released Steel CRM for beta testing.

Nichola Webster

Nichola Webster

Nichola has worked in a range of administrative roles at the top level of management in public and private enterprises.

She supports First Strike Solutions with administrative tasks and is actively involved in the marketing of our products.