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Microsoft Access Databases
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"First Strike Solutions builds robust software applications for businesses with specialised requirements."

The core of our business is developing customised applications for individual companies. Some of these applications are further developed to become fully supported software products for use by businesses with the same need. We often partner with the original client to bring the product to the wider market.

All of our software is developed using the more advanced application development features of Microsoft Access. This platform has many advantages for smart businesses looking for practical and stable long-term solutions to their business needs, and who want to control the impact of technological change on their business.

We are based in Awaba, NSW (Australia), a semi-rural suburb near the western shores of Lake Macquarie, 30 mins South of Newcastle and an hour North of Sydney. Our clients are local and all around Australia.

Martyn Webster
Martyn Webster
Principle Consultant

Martyn started programming in 1981 when personal computers were rare and most people had never heard of the internet. After completing his BSc (Comp) at University of New South Wales and 11 years in corporate IT (Qantas and Fosters), he struck out on his own in 1999, forming First Strike Solutions.

Our guiding principle was to make robust and customised IT systems available to specialised small to medium businsesses using Microsoft Access. Many businesses have limited options for affordable off-the-shelf systems to manage their core business operations. Over the years, we have developed systems for over 50 such businesses. We are still finding niche market segments which are not well served by packaged software.