We can develop online applications for your specific needs.

custom applications


Custom Applications

Custom web-based applications are often considered costly and risky projects, and many clients opt to use packaged applications which don't quite fit their style or scope. By re-using many of the essential features you will see in Steel CRM, we can build a custom system for your needs in a cost effective way.

Web Site Integration

Web sites can present a lot of data, but there is only so much they can do as far as collecting data and displaying data for you customers from your application databases. For that, you need a web application development platform and active hosting services.

We can offer simple systems that include a customer logon, setup, email verification; as well as functionality to display, enter and update data which links to your live application databases. This could include providing live updates to client on their projects/contracts, and enable them to manage their own contact details so you don't have to.







Development Platform

We use Lucee, which is an open-source adaption of Adobe's popular ColdFusion web development platform for the application coding.

We use MySQL as a database solution for our online systems. This is also an open-source product currently supported by Oracle. I provides both a low cost entry for small businesses but also offers a credible upgrade platform for much larger businesses.

We can offer hosting services for your application or work with your internal or external hosting provider as needed.



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Please lodge an online enquiry below or send an email to our enquiries email (see Contact page) with your contact details and a brief description of the system and the tasks you require. We will contact you to discuss your needs and we can then provide a fixed price quotation or estimate for hourly work.

It will speed things up if you can provide in the description:

  • The business context of the system;
  • An outline of the functionality you require;
  • How you would like to manage communication with other developers and/or staff; and
  • Implementation services required (training, documentation, ongoing support).