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Data Obfuscation Tool

fssScrambler is an MS-Access based tool which takes the tables of an MS-Access database and modifies the data so that it has a similar form and look but has no actual meaning. Each field is analysed by the system and an algorithm chosen, which you can review and modify manually if required. The system then executes those algorithms, updating records on that database.

fssScrambler is very useful when you want to use a real client database for demonstration or documentation purposes, but you want to ensure that the data does not breach privacy or confidentiality of the client or their customers. It is also useful for testing software where you need real (imperfect) data to test with but don't want your developers to have access to the actual data.

Free Evaluation

fssScrambler is available in three licence levels:

  • Evaluation - FREE but with some minor restrictions.
  • Individual - US$29.00 for a single developer (portable).
  • Company - US$99.00 for multiple developers.

You will need a copy of MS-Access 2010 or later to use the system.

Download the accde file (just open with Access)