We are happy to offer assistance to professional and enthusiast developers of Microsoft Access.

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Who are our clients?

We are happy to offer assistance to professional and enthusiast developers of Microsoft Access. Our experience and pre-built components can add value to your project, whether you want to outsource a part of your project or need help to find a solution to a development challenge, we can probably help.

This work can be done on a fixed price if the task is clearly defined, or on an hourly basis within agreed limits.






Development Services

We can contribute to a major project with VBA coding or build system components to specification, working with your other developers to ensure they can maintain those components (no "black boxes").

We can assist with database and application design, testing, technical documentation and user documentation.






Data Services

If you have a large dataset in any format that you need analysed, reformated, migrated, cleaned or otherwise processed in ways that are not trivial we can probably get it under control for you.

We can generate test data for your project using a tool (which we built) which "scrambles" real data to make it unrecognisable but still looks realistic for testing and demonstrations.

Perhaps you need advice on setting up MySQL as a data source for an Access project, or need to connect to other database platforms live, or convert them using conversion tools. We can probably help with that too.



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Get a free quote

Please lodge an online enquiry below or send an email to our enquiries email (see Contact page) with your contact details and a brief description of the system and the tasks you require. We will contact you to discuss your needs and we can then provide a fixed price quotation or estimate for hourly work.

It will speed things up if you can provide in the description:

  • The business context of the system;
  • The nature of the tasks you require;
  • How you would like to manage communication with other developers and/or staff; and
  • Implementation services required (training, documentation, ongoing support).