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Personal Password Database

fssKey is a personal password database to keep all of those unique secret keys that you are expected to create and somehow remember. You can filter the list of keys by category and sort by category, importance, most recently user or modified dates/time last. You can even set up your own categories.

fssKey can be used not just to keep track of web site logins and passwords, but also account details, company registration numbers, combination locks, or anything you need to file and recall.

Security Warning

Unlike previous versions, fssKey 1.2 uses encryption to protect the data in the database using the master key you provide. As in previous updates, when first started with an empty database, the new system will check for previous versions of the fssKey database in the same folder and will offer to import all of your current data. The older version will remain. You may want to delete or "archive" that file once you are confident with the conversion since the data in version 1.1 and earlier was not encrypted.


fssKey is free to download and use. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Release 1.20 Installer (exe) (an automatic installer)