This policy relates to the private details of our clients collected by us.
Policies related to the protection of data which our clients hold
about others is covered in our Terms of Service document.


We greatly value an individual's right to privacy, but in both practice and in law, those rights were taken away from citizens many years ago.

No entity can guarantee to keep your information private due to government mandated disclosure, implied permission claimed by fine-print documents like this, mandatory agreement to terms and conditions, manipulative technology companies, corrupt commercial and government workers, international criminal organisations and state-sponsored espionage.

Notwithstanding the difficulty in doing so, we will make all reasonable efforts to protect the privacy of information we collect about our clients. We will use the information only for purposes which benefit our clients. We will only disclose this information if legally forced to do so and only the miminum extent required.

Please consult our Terms of Service which describes the commitments and, more importantly, the methods we use to protect sensititive data which you provide to use about third parties. In particular, we use our own Data Scrambler system to take real data and scramble it to be unusable but retain it's general form, for use in testing and demonstrating software.