This will be our first fully polished online product and is still in development. We expect to be asking for beta testers later in 2020.

This will be a Customer Relationship Management system with a difference. We are dropping all of the unnecessary outdated features you see in many such systems, such as fax numbers, date of birth and gender, and allowing for multiple mobile numbers, email addresses and social media accounts.

The application will be designed for small businesses to manage the essentials of customer management including contact details, which the customers can update if they choose (you can incentivise them to do so), sending emails to all or criteria-based customers (such as a newsletters and special offers), and record your interactions and to-do tasks related to each customer.

A Freemium Product

The basic system will be free to set up and use within some limits. Upgrading your account to Premium status, by paying a small monthly fee, removes these limits and enables additional functionality.

Get Involved

We will be excited to hear from potential users of this software, particularly if you have some ideas on what a CRM system should (or should not) have in it.